Go paperless with Pineapples, Customer Management system for Salons, never forget your clients color.

Save your creativity

Access the App Anywhere

Eliminate Paper Client Cards

Responsive Design


then $8.99 USD / Month

Store Information for Multiple Clients

Supports Multiple Stylists Use

Affordable pricing

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Some Kind Words

“Being a busy hairdresser with a big clientele I was finding it hard to make sure I had documented all of my colour recipes and cutting techniques in an organised manner without having to go back and forth through my computer system..

I needed something to help me that was quick, easy to use and simple to drive, so being introduced to the Pineapples app was truely the best thing as a small business owner that I could come across…

Now I have one place to easily click into that has all my clients past history including pictures of before and after they’re last visit.. Somewhere I can refer back to if they wanted the slightest change to the previous style or alter the tone or foil technique as it has all its own special place in the App..

I would definitely recommend Pineapples to not only the Hairdressing industry but to any business that needs to document and photograph they’re past services to keep a professional documentation of services given..

Thanks to Pineapples I can now be sure to give my clients the ultimate service and be truely attentive to they’re needs and not worry about forgetting the tiny details… “

Karen Ward

- Karen Ward Hair & Beauty

“Pineapples has made storing our clients information so much easier. From consultations to capturing the end result with a photo and quickly typing what you have done during the customers service that day.

I love using Pineapples!”

Alicia Williams

- Irvin Day Hair Excellence

Pineapples FAQs

What is Pineapples?
The Pineapples App is a brand new paperless customer management system for helping salon owners remember each and every one of their client’s go-to styles. The app allows you to easily store photos and product details for each of your clients so that you can access them when they visit and ensure that they get their dream look every single time.
Is it suitable for my business?
If you are a hair salon owner, beauty salon owner, or someone running another kind of beauty-related business, Pineapples is perfect for you. Designed to make life easier for you, your staff, and your clients, Pineapples ensures that your business delivers outstanding results.
What are some of the features?
The Pineapples App has many innovative features. These include: easy access from anywhere you go, a responsive design, the ability to store information for multiple clients, and support of multiple-stylist use. The app can streamline the way in which you operate your salon.
How much time can it save?
In the beauty industry, a visual of exactly what your client wants is highly valuable for guaranteeing their dream results. Skip going through a trial and error process and avoid any miscommunications with Pineapples. Saving photos of your clients’ desired styles means anyone can recreate them flawlessly each time. This saves you and your business lots of valuable time.
How will it benefit my staff?
Pineapples is available for multiple-stylist use and will allow your employees to store their creativity. Save them the effort of going through outdated paper client cards and minimise the risk of mistakes. Staff will be able to save time and effort, instead putting this effort into their work. The app also allows any stylist to recreate the styles stored for each client. If one stylist is away, another can easily see their client’s style of choice and recreate it for them.
How will it benefit my clients?
Pineapples will give your clients the confidence that you and your team will deliver the best possible results. Particularly for clients who have a specific style that they like, Pineapples guarantees consistency each time they visit. They can come back time and time and again, confident that they will get their ideal results.
How is it better than paper client cards?
With Pineapples you have the world at your fingertips. Instead of sorting through outdated paper cards, all you need to do is type the client’s name into your phone and instantly see the details of their style of choice. The ability to store photos alongside product details also gives you a visual aid for recreating styles. This ensures that you get it right every time and removes the guesswork from the process.
How much does it cost?

Seamless salon organisation is priceless and you can get your FREE TRIAL right now when you download the Pineapples App. For 30 days you can enjoy all of the incredible features completely free of charge. After this, it is an affordable monthly fee of $8.99USD.

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